“Both women ... had grown up surrounded by intellectuals, entrepreneurs, suffragettes and reformers. Many men in their cohort were heading to Colorado, Wyoming and California to map, mine and "civilize" the West, but few women had the desire to live among the cowboys, miners and gold prospectors who were homesteading those states. Starting with her grandmother's letters, Wickenden has lovingly pieced together their year in Colorado, a year that changed their lives forever.”

-- Susan Salter Reynolds, Los Angeles Times

“Dorothy Woodruff and Rosamond Underwood were two upper-class women … who might have be dreamed up by novelist Edith Wharton…. What America needs now is more Dorothy and Ros – and less Lady Gaga.

--Bruce Ward, Ottawa Citizen

“...It’s crisp and bracing, like the experience acquired by the women themselves.”

--Thomas Mallon, Washingtonian

“Wickenden does a wonderful job of delivering to us a rich slice of everyday American history sandwiched together with the lovely story of a pair of lifelong friends. In later years Ros would remember the Colorado adventure … as the best year of her life. By the time you reach the end of this book, you will wholeheartedly agree.

--Marjorie Kehe, The Christian Science Monitor

“Wickenden is a very good storyteller, and bracingly unsentimental. The sweep of the land and the stoicism of the people move her to some beautiful writing.

--Joan Acocella, Newsweek

“Nothing Daunted is an extraordinary book.”

---Sandra Dallas, The Denver Post

“Despite a delightful blend of social graces and gumption, Dorothy and Ros alone can’t sustain an entire book. But their story is blessed with a cast of supporting characters that novelists would envy.”

--Bob Minzesheimer, USA Today

“Wickenden has captured what it was like for the two society girls to wake up in the loft of a ranch family’s cabin with fresh snow on their bed covers. She relays, in their own words, how they learned to ride cow ponies through the drifted snow of a Yampa Valley winter to a little stone schoolhouse.”

--Tom Ross, Steamboat Today

“...Nothing Daunted chronicles the 1916-17 school year, the first for both teachers and schoolhouse, gracefully interweaving Ros and Dorothy's stories with broader histories of homesteading, railroad building, and myriad fascinating figures (from a Russian Jewish law student and rancher to a local debutante whose modern dance school teaches Agnes DeMille, among others). Both main characters are engaging, often funny.... Another of the book's delights is Wickenden's gentle correction of eastern assumptions about the West, in particular the region's pragmatic gender progressivism: 'When Dorothy and Ros were pouring tea for suffragists in Auburn (N.Y.), their counterparts in Colorado were going to the polls.'...”

---Kate Tuttle, Boston Sunday Globe

“...Wickenden brings to life two women who otherwise might have been lost to history and who took part in creating the modern-day West.”

-- Publishers Weekly

“... An absorbing maze of a book—readers may well, like Woodruff and Underwood, find their hearts lost to the West.”

-- Kirkus Reviews

“The all-true adventures of two Eastern debutantes who set out for Colorado in 1916....”

--Karen Holt, Oprah.com

"Go West, Young Ladies!" PW Talks with Dorothy Wickenden

Feature on Nothing Daunted, Laura T. Ryan, Syracuse Post-Standard

Lessons of a Frontier Letter Writer,” by Dorothy Wickenden, The Wall Street Journal

“Nothing Daunted”--A Q & A with Dorothy Wickenden, The CS Monitor



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