“Wickenden has written a superb biography…. David McCullough may tell us that ‘Not all pioneers went west,’ but some unlikely ones sure did, and Nothing Daunted also reminds us that different strains of courage can be found, not just on the battlefield, but on the home front, too.”

-- Maureen Corrigan, “Fresh Air,” NPR

“Nothing Daunted is the story of the brave souls who forfeited the known world of the East to inhabit the West; as they went, they found something meaningful in the bargain…. This quintessential American tale does not stint on drama.… [T]he narrative positively glimmers.”

--Marie Arana, The Washington Post

“... Wickenden has painstakingly recreated the story of how that earlier Dorothy and her friend Rosamond Underwood embarked on a brief but life-changing adventure…. Mining a trove of letters as well as oral histories and period documents … Wickenden lets their tale of personal transformation open out to reveal the larger changes in the rough-and-tumble society of the West—‘a back story,’ as she aptly puts it, ‘to America’s leap into the 20th century.”

-- Maria Russo, The New York Times Sunday Book Review

“... Wickenden’s talent for research, observation, description, and narrative flow turn this unfaded snapshot of these early-20th-century women in the West into ... a brightly painted mural of America under construction a century ago, personified by two ladies of true grit who were nothing daunted and everything enthusiastic about where the new century would take them.”

--Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly